These recipes are my favorites. It is not an exhaustive list but from time to time I add another. Some came from recipe books usually, but not always, with modifications. Many came from family and friends. A very few were developed by my wife and me. You may notice an emphasis on desserts. You would be right.

My Recipe List

  • Strawberry Ice Cream - A tasty, light ice cream, perfect for those hot summer days. This can be made with fresh or frozen strawberries. Simple and quick to make. If you haven’t read my post on the ice cream base, check it out for … Continue reading
  • Ice Cream Base - There are fundamentally two types of ice cream base: the French style and the Philadelphia style. French style uses egg yolks to create a silky custard base. Philadelphia style does not use eggs and this makes it much simpler for … Continue reading
  • German Chocolate Ice Cream - This recipe is for an ice cream that is similar in flavor to the German Chocolate Blizzard I used to get from DQ. They don’t typically carry it on their menu these days. I always asked them to use chocolate … Continue reading
  • Plum Pudding - This recipe is based on “Tiny Tim’s Plum Pudding” recipe at the Taste of Home website. I see this same recipe on many sites so I can’t give credit to the original author but I can link to the site … Continue reading
  • Dr. Rebecca Lancefield’s Eggnog - Real eggnog made with raw eggs, lots of cream, and lots of alcohol. Continue reading
  • Chocolate Chip Garbage Cookies - This recipe began with the basic oatmeal cookie recipe on the oatmeal box. But, of course, that wouldn’t be enough. So we added chocolate chips. Then we added nuts. And then whatever was lying around in the kitchen cupboard was … Continue reading
  • Banana Bread - What makes banana bread better? Chocolate chips, of course! Continue reading
  • Mandarin Orange Cake - What do you do with the cans of mandarin orange purchased early in the pandemic and still hanging out in the pantry? Continue reading